2011 NBA Mock Draft

2011 NBA Mock Draft

1. Cleveland Cavaliers- Kyrie Irving PG Duke- This pick has been set for a while even though Cleveland has been exploring other options. The past few drafts have had franchise changing PG's such as Derrick Rose and John Wall. I don't think Irving is going to be that good but I do believe he will be a very good player and should make a significant impact on the Cavaliers.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves- Derrick Williams F Arizona- Now this is not a need pick but a pick that is BPA. I don't think that Williams will ever play a game for the Timberwolves because he doesn't fit on a team that already has starters in Wes Johnson, Michael Beasley, and Kevin Love. I think after the Wolves pick him it should be easier to trade him because teams with later picks can see how the draft is going and then make a better offer.

3. Utah Jazz- Enes Kanter C Turkey- This is the smarter pick for the Jazz because Kanter fills a need and has tremendous upside. Now the Jazz have been exploring the option of taking a PG here but neither Knight or Walker seem to be worthy of this high of a pick. Kanter should be an immediate starter and being paired with Al Jefferson will give the Jazz a great front line.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers- Jonas Valanciunas C Lithuania- Now the Cavs are hoping that Kanter will be here but it seems unlikely that he will be. Valanciunas is a very risky pick because he will not play next season because of his current contract. He does though have great potential because of his size and experience.

5. Toronto Raptors- Bismack Biyombo PF Congo- The Raptors need a PF to replace Chris Bosh and although Biyombo isn't really an offensive threat yet he will make an impact defensively. This is much smarter than picking Brandon Knight here.

6. Washington Wizards- Jan Vesely PF Czech Republic- Now I believe it would be smart for Washington to trade up to number 2 and draft Derrick Williams so John Wall can be given another weapon. Although it would require trading McGee I think it would be worth it. Vesely though would fill a need at PF for the  Wizards they will not be significantly improved by this pick.

7. Charlotte Bobcats- Tristan Thompson PF Texas- The Bobcats traded up earlier on draft day in the hopes of getting Biyombo but it seems as if he will be gone by now. Thompson is also high on their list but he to me only seems like a solid rotation player.

8. Detroit Pistons- Kawhi Leonard SF San Diego State- The Pistons are in an bad spot because their is really nobody who fits their team. I do expect them to trade this pick but if they don't I hear they are high on Leonard.

9. Charlotte Bobcats-Alec Burks SG Colordao- The Bobcats are hoping Leonard falls to them but if he doesn't they could use a SG and Burks to help them score the basketball. Burks in my mind isn't worth this high of a pick but he can make an impact for the Bobcats.

10. Sacramento Kings- Jimmer Fredette G BYU- The Kings draft day trade shows that they want Jimmer but felt they could trade down a little bit to get him. Jimmer is a great shooter but he does struggle to get open which will be the reason why he will only be a slightly better version of JJ Redick.

11. Golden State Warriors- Klay Thompson SG Washington State- The Warriors are looking to trade Monta Ellis so they would need a replacement at SG. Thompson would be able to make an impact immediately on the Warriors because of his ability to shoot. A backcourt of Curry and Thompson would be a good core to build around.

12. Utah Jazz- Brandon Knight PG Kentucky- The Jazz were thought to be leaning to picking Knight at number 3 so they would be thrilled if he was available to them at 12. Most Utah fans would like for them to pick Jimmer but I think it's smart to not have to pick him so he doesn't have the pressure on him. This is a little fall for Knight but to me he seems like a shoot first PG who isn't a great shooter.

13. Phoenix Suns- Markieff Morris F Kansas- The Suns should really look to trade up for Derrick Williams because I think he would make a big impact on the Suns but it doesn't look like they will do that. If they go with Morris he will be like most of the other players in the draft, a solid rotation player.

14. Houston Rockets- Kemba Walker PG Connecticut- This is a drastic fall for Kemba who was thought to be a top 10 lock and now might fall out of the lottery entirely. I think this is a smart pick for Houston because they could really use a PG to replace Aaron Brooks.

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