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Bruce Pearl Still Thinking About Coaching The Texas Legends In The D-League

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Bruce Pearl hasn't been talked about on Ridiculous Upside since Monday and, apparently sensing that was too long of a time period, the former coach of the Tennessee Volunteers took to the radio waves to talk about the Texas Legends and coaching in the D-League.

Pearl joined Clay Travis earlier this week for a quick interview on the blogger's radio show. While the majority of the conversation centered around Pearl's time at Tennessee, the coach did take some time to reference the coaching position with the Dallas Mavericks' NBA development League affiliate as well.

"It really went well. It's a really interesting opportunity...Their entire coaching staff has really reached out to me and this would be an opportunity to learn the pro game."

Asked if he was leaning towards taking the job, Pearl wavered: "Prior to going down to Dallas for my interview the lean was that I was probably not going to do it. But having been there and met the people the lean now is that it's a possibility. It's a family decision. I'd have to leave my family, I'm a divorced dad, and there'd be some kids that aren't out of school yet and in college yet that are encouraging me that are saying, "Daddy it's only six months, you should go."

Pearl continued, "Donnie Nelson has put no timetable on me, and he's put no pressure on me...It's kind of neat to be wanted again."

None of that is exactly new, but it does give everyone following this story a bit of an idea as to what the hold up is. Pearl really wouldn't be needed in Frisco until probably the middle of September so he may as well take his time to be with the family until he decides one way or the other.