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F&M's Georgio Milligan's Sights Set on NBA D-League As He Looks For A Shot

Every player eligible for Friday evening's NBA D-League Draft is hoping they have an unique enough skill set to set them apart from the competition. For Franklin & Marshall's Georgio Milligan, his swarming defensive prowess is sure to turn heads.

As the NBA D-League Draft inches closer and closer. it's obvious to see from the slew of young point guards available just how many floor generals are pining for a chance to strut their stuff.

Many of these guards have different individual specialties. Some pride themselves in being flashy passers. Another here or there may be especially skilled at using their strength to drive to the basket. Others may even may be athletic enough to use such ability to their advantage their opponents.

Any which way a floor general chooses to run the show, the ability to take charge of an offense is essential. With that skill set so necessary, there's a good chance most (if not all) available point guards indeed have such a foundation of abilities.

So what sets each one apart from the rest of the bunch? For Franklin & Marshall's Georgio Milligan, it's, without a question, his defensive prowess.

Now, make no mistake: Milligan can score the basketball too. During his senior campaign at F&M, the guard averaged an efficient 18.9 points on 49% shooting from the field, including 45% from deep. These numbers are impressive, but with so many scorers already gracing the NBA and D-League stages, Milligan's aggression on the other side of the ball is sure to still help him turn heads.

Milligan's defensive strategy is clear after watching him play: swarm the defender at all times. The young guard's overwhelming pressure is that of a glove as opposing offensive players are thrown off constantly. It's clear he puts in the work as he aims to take the ball away from his opponent.

What's more, while some players may use their athleticism to leap their way towards the hoop for an electrifying slam dunk, Milligan finds other ways to use his athletic strengths to wow the crowd.

At just 6'2" and 188 points, the F&M alum can still jump high enough to swat away an opponent's shot. For a point guard, Milligan has an uncanny ability to block shots away. During his collegiate years, his defensive specialities were certainly on display, as Milligan finished 2nd all time in steals, and perhaps an even more unique 3rd all time in blocks as well.

With the NBA D-League Draft set to go on this Friday night, each and every eligible player hopes to have done enough to prove their worth to NBADL come selection time. It's a certainty Milligan hopes his swarming and commanding defensive skills are enough to peak a D-League team's interest in the later rounds of the draft.

From there, who knows what kinds of NBA and/or international opportunities will come his way.