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Chehales Tapscott Aims to Put Himself and IBL on Map Through D-League Draft

While many NBA hopefuls will enter Friday night's D-League Draft fresh out of college and/or fresh off an international stint, talented big man Chehales Tapscott is ready to be selected and embark on his own journey thanks to time well spent in the IBL, a fellow stateside professional basketball league.

With an array of promising basketball prospects anxious to make their mark in hopes of beginning an NBA career, many of these same hopefuls will be using the D-League as they aim to do so.

And as some of these same hopefuls look to make a name for themselves, a couple may indeed provide some extra credibility for a fellow professional league in the process.

One of those players is Chehales Tapscott, a forward who emerged as one of the more talented players the International Basketball League (the IBL) had to offer last season during his rookie campaign. The talented big man stole the show during much of the year, rising above as an IBL All-Star, and was subsequently awarded the league's "Rookie of the Year" award.

Though he took charge of the IBL by leading the league in scoring with 28.6 points per game, Tapscott says it'll be his high energy and defensive intensity that will help him be an asset to D-League and/or NBA teams in the near future. He also averaged 12.7 rebounds per game as well.

"I'd say I'm probably like a Tyrus Thomas or even a Tayshaun Price type of player," the forward told "I'll be playing defense for 48 minutes. I'm going to rebound and do all that. I'm just going to be another tough athlete out on the floor."

A player with Tapscott's abilities certainly sounds quite taylor-made for the NBA D-League. With so many existent stars and dominant offensive players already in The Association, Tapscott is prepared to be the perfect complementary piece. He's a player who knows what his role is going to be, and is at the same time, fully ready and able to use his athleticism to make things difficult for his opponents on a nightly basis.

But getting to this point wasn't easy for the big man, whose father (a former master Sargant) continued to move Tapscott and his sister around to ensure the safest and best living environment for his kids as they grew up.

Still, under his father's guidance, Tapscott has managed to come out on top. As he looks to embark on his D-League journey, he also values the opportunity the IBL gave him to showcase his abilities.

"The IBL actually helped prepare me for the D-League. It's another professional league, and playing there, I was able to go up against other guys that previously played overseas or even the D-League too. I was able to get used to that style of play, and now I'm ready."

The IBL is now in its ninth season, and has progressed over the years to flourish in many cities across America and Canada. It hosts many international talents, fostering basketball hopefuls as they prepare for the next step in their respective journeys. The league prides itself on providing an exciting and family-friendly atmophere for all fans.

In preparation for Friday night's D-League Draft, Tapscott has been logging gritty and extensive hours in the gym, working out twice a day. In addition, the IBL star also participated in workouts with the LA D-Fenders, Bakersfield Jam, and the Idaho Stampede this offseason as he looked to make a positive first impression.