Why the D-League Works?

The NBA had gone on for years without a real farm system that was designed to develop talent and keep the NBA exciting. The betting websites are always interested in giving credit where it is due, and commissioner David Stern deserves a lot of credit for creating a developmental system that helps NBA teams to have a place to keep talent that may otherwise go to other leagues around the world. Without the D-league, the NBA could have lost some of its most exciting stars to countries where most NBA fans would not get a chance to see those players play.

Probably the most dramatic recent example of D-league success is Jeremy Lin of the Houston Rockets. The sports betting experts had never even heard of Lin before he put on a Knicks uniform and started Linsanity last year. Lin played his college ball at Harvard and then was not drafted by any NBA team when he was eligible in 2010. The Golden State Warriors took a chance on Lin and then sent him to its D-league team in Reno for development. Lin was so frustrated by his experience in the NBA that he went to play in China for the 2011 season. When he returned to the United States, the Knicks signed Lin and sent him to Erie.

At a time when the Knicks needed someone at point guard and injuries were killing New York, Lin stepped in off the D-league roster and made an impact. It is just one story of many as to why the D-league is critical to the future of the NBA.

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