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The Best of Monday's NBA D-League Stories From Around SB Nation

With an array of NBA prospects being sent up and down to/from the D-League on a nightly basis, many of's best have taken notice. Here's a look at some noteworthy commentary from around the network.


An array of NBA teams have been using the D-League quite effectively, and not to mention, much more frequently this season.

With the bevy of new direct affiliations between NBA and NBADL squads has already come a frenzy of minor league assignments. In many cases, the D-League affiliates are conveniently located close to its parent squad, making the transport of young players between the squads as easy as ever.

Should an NBA team have a break in its schedule, but still desire to have a prospect ready and able to go in time for the next game, that's no problem. Players can now be sent down to the D-League to log some minutes in a game or two for a couple of days, only to come right back to The Association.

Such options are only furthering the relationship between NBA squads and their respective affiliates. With that in mind, many of SB Nation's team sites are making note and following each respective team's various assignments to date.

With many of those very assignments happening this week, let's take a look at what our friends have been saying, re: the NBA D-League.

Our buddy Nate Parhom of did an excellent job breaking down Jeremy Tyler's first game with the Santa Cruz Warriors. From team analysis, all the way to an in-depth look at the forward's tendencies throughout the contest (and a video clip of highlights to support it), Nate has the recipe to satisfy your D-League Warriors' craving.

Are you ready to get comfortable with a big bowl of popcorn and watch D-League basketball on your laptop? If so, our friends at have a game already all cued up. Hawks rookies John Jenkins and Mike Scott will both in uniform for the Bakersfield Jam on Monday evening, and Kris Willis gets fans prepared with a little preview.

Also making his D-League debut for the Jam alongside Jenkins and Scott will be Suns' rookie Kendall Marshall, who was recently assigned to the NBADL as well.'s own Seth Pollack provides readers with a couple of additional game notes over at

For more on Marshall and how he could benefit from such an assignment, stay right here at, as Gino Pilato gives us his take.

Did we miss any of the NBA D-League stories on SB Nation that have just been giving you butterflies all day? Feel free to tweet @RidicUpside (or me personally here), and we'll be sure to share those as well.