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Dear Ricky Rubio, Please Consider The D-League As Apart Of Your NBA Return Itinerary

Now that Ricky Rubio has started to practice in a full-contact setting after nine months of rehab from his horrific knee injury , the International point guard phenom is on his way back to the Minnesota Timberwolves starting lineup. The T-Wolves and Rubio should include the NBA D-League as apart of his return itinerary, and if they need any further convincing the following letter should suffice.

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Ricky Rubio patiently working his way back
Ricky Rubio patiently working his way back

Ricky Rubio is finally back on the basketball court, and taking part in drills and scrimmages as he sets his sights on returning to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The T-Wolves would like that to happen sooner rather than later, however, Rubio has stated that he is in no rush to return, and wishes to remain patient until he feels like he is truly ready to return. As Rubio continues to map out his return strategy and look to execute it, the young point guard should consider the D-League as apart of his comeback. If the T-Wolves or Rubio need any extra convincing that incorporating a D-League stint is best for him, than they can simply read the following...

Dear Ricky Rubio,

As you embark on your return to NBA action after your untimely left knee injury, please consider the following as apart of your comeback strategy. You see Mr. Rubio, the NBA Development League has become a fantastic and opportune avenue for which your current circumstances could benefit from. In previous years this option was not available, but under the new labor agreement, you can agree to a rehab assignment which could give you a true real-time test for your surgically repaired knee.

In fact, former Syracuse point guard and one-time member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jonny Flynn, once agreed to a similar stint. It used to be that only first and second-year players could be assigned to the D-League, but now veterans can be assigned to the D-League with that player's given consent. As the D-League continues to lend itself as an option for NBA teams to send talent in need of further development, or just plain old real-time minutes, you Mr. Rubio could be the most publicized story the league has seen since that Jeremy Lin character.

Not that you need any additional media attention, as you have even flirted with the idea of entering the backyard wrestling community, but a stint in the D-League would not only present a groundbreaking achievement for the league, it could give you an opportunity to test out your left knee in an environment similar to the pace of the NBA. The amount of assignments in which NBA teams have already taken part in, is a sign of how the talent in the NBADL has risen to a level in which teams are looking to gauge their highly invested players in.

There have been a number of successful Call-Ups and an ongoing amount of rewarding assignments in the NBA D-League, but a "top-shelf veteran" as's Marc Stein puts it, has yet to enroll in a rehab assignment similar to a Major League Baseball-style player injury recovery plan. You could be the first!

As you get back to your jaw-dropping, creative, and cutting edge play-making ways, please consider the above argument made in the best interest of yourself, and the NBA D-League. A player like yourself, agreeing to a rehab stint in the NBADL, could set a trend for other teams to follow in the future. Why not give it a try?

Best Regards,

Gino Pilato