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Jamario Moon, Dan Gadzuric To Join NBA D-League

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The NBA Development League season has around 15 regular season games left, but the fun is just beginning. It actually began when Jamaal Tinsley was the first overall pick in the D-League Draft, I guess, but the fun is still continuing.

NBA (and D-League/CBA/Mexico/CBA/USBL/ABA/Globetrotters/everywhere) veteran Jamario Moon signed a D-League contract on Tuesday, allowing him to join a team once he clears the D-League waiver system on Thursday. A fellow NBA vet is expected to join him soon, too, as sources indicate Dan Gadzuric is also planning to sign with the D-League in the coming days.

Gadzuric, formerly a starting center for the Milwaukee Bucks, was supposed to play in China this season. A toe injury caused his team to release him in early December, however, and he hasn't played since. The former UCLA Bruin has averaged 4.7 points and 4.4 rebounds in 525 career NBA games to this point.

Moon has been everywhere, man, but most recently with the Los Angeles Clippers after being included by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Mo Williams trade for Baron Davis. The 31-year-old has started 157 of his 278 career NBA games, averaging 6.4 points and 4.3 rebounds. I was last able to write about him when he shouted out the Huntsville Flight in a rap video.

The Springfield Armor, Los Angeles D-Fenders and Fort Wayne Mad Ants are the top three teams in the D-League waiver priority order, but sources indicate Gadzuric's agent has asked them all to pass on him as his destination has already been determined.