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UNC Asheville Guard Matt Dickey Eyeing The NBA D-League?

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Sources tell that while many minor league prospects seek out invites to NBA training camp next month, a guard out of UNC Asheville is eyeing that first step towards the pros in the D-League.

Take the jump to find out more and watch a clip of player highlights.

According to the source, Matt Dickey is hoping to join the ranks of the D-League this coming season. Coming off a senior campaign in which he averaged 16.1 points on 45% from the field (and 38% from downtown), Dickey has a sweet shooting stroke and enjoys attacking the basket in transition after coming up with a steal.

Strong penetration, and the ability to get through the lane, appear to be key skills for up and coming floor generals these days, as many NBA point guards who realized success last season did so by honing such talents.

Take a look at the clip below to see Dickey display an array of those very skills.