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Taking a Closer Look at Mad Ants Guard Cameron Jones' Skill Set

Earlier today, we at RU published an exclusive interview with Fort Wayne Mad Ants guard Cameron Jones.

Among other things, Jones cited his basketball intelligence as one of his biggest strengths, which makes sense granted his cousin, Raptors guard Landry Fields, has realized NBA success largely in part due to his strong sense of fundamentals.

Take the jump for a closer look at what Jones can really do on the hardwood, in the clips below.

In the clip below, Jones' D-League coach talks about the type of skill set and instincts that made him a valuable asset to the Mad Ants last season, let alone perhaps an NBA team, in the future.

You can continue onward to watch highlights from one of Jones' best individual performances of the entire season, a 31 point effort during a December Mad Ants victory.