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Bo Spencer Headed For the 2013 NBA D-League Draft

Following a year in Italy and a solid senior year in the NCAA with Nebraska, Bo Spencer will enter the 2013 NBA D-League Draft.

Jamie Sabau

The NBA D-League undeniably serves as the land of opportunity for a plethora of young guns looking to eventually break into The Association. What's more, however, the league often also serves as a place where second chances are provided.

Whether those second chances go to NBA veterans on the comeback trail or former top notch prospects who took a wrong turn in their young careers, the minor league still provides such opportunities, nonetheless. Perhaps that's what so appealing to point guard Bo Spencer.

Despite spending his first three collegiate years at LSU, Spencer was removed due to academic disqualifications, and was forced to finish elsewhere. That said, the guard found a new landing spot at Nebraska for the 2010-11 season amd made the most of it.

Though his team struggled throughout the season, Spencer still stood tall as one of the standouts from the Big Ten conference. A top ten scorer in the conference (he was ranked ninth overall), the young gun's 15.4 points per contest during his senior campaign were enough to lead Nebraska.

Looking to capitalize on his latest success, has learned that Spencer has entered this year's NBA D-League Draft.

There's no denying Spencer and the D-League could ultimately go on to benefit one another. On one hand, Spencer could use a further springboard to not only prove he's turned things around, but also that he's capable of competing on such a level.

On the other hand, the presence of a talented point guard from a competitive NCAA conference would give the minor league even more credibility as a worthwhile landing spot for intriguing talent. As the years go on, the D-League continues to prove itself to be a very smart option for up and coming players (as well as NBA teams looking to evaluate such talent).

With all this in mind, Spencer may ultimately go on to fit in quite well. After experiencing similar NCAA related hurdles earlier in his career, Glen Rice Jr. took to the D-League last season, only to hit the ground running. On his way to getting drafted by the Washington Wizards this past summer, Rice Jr. won himself an NBADL title. Spencer can only hope to duplicate such success.

After finishing up at Nebraska, Spencer was most recently found playing in Italy last season.