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Jeremy Lin's "Linsanity" Movie Trailer: Point Guard a Testament to NBA D-League's Talent Level

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Who would have thought an NBADL alumni would ever have his own movie? Jeremy Lin and the outbreak of "Linsanity" are a true testament to the type of talent that graces the minor league hardwood each and every year.


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It's not every day an alumni of the NBA D-League gets his own movie.

Of course, Jeremy Lin's rise up as a national phenomenon was truly remarkable. Whereas many will say he came out of nowhere from obscurity, a stint with the Reno Bighorns is what helped pace Lin as he bridged the gaps between NBA gigs.

What's more, as an assignment player of the Knicks, Lin's massive triple-double as a member of the Erie BayHawks is arguably what intrigued New York enough to bring him back up after one game in the D-League and give him a shot after all. No word as to whether any NBADL footage is used in the forthcoming movie.

While Lin may not owe all of his success to the D-League, his accomplishments, along with the outbreak of "Linsanity," is nevertheless, a testament to the kind of talent that graces the minor league hardwood each and every year. Plenty of players worthy of playing in The Association fly under the radar and are forced to play D-League basketball instead.

Those aspiring NBA players now have Lin's story to hold in high regard as they keep the faith that, they too, will break into the league.