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Video: New Sioux Falls Skyforce Coach Pat Delany Talks About Upcoming Season

The Heat and Skyforce recently introduced Pat Delany, a Miami team employee for the past decade, as Sioux Falls' newest head coach.


Each and every season, there are a plethora of NBA executives who receive big promotions after proving their worth and bolstering their basketball resume via some sort of gig in the D-League.

With that in mind, upon entering single affiliations with such minor league franchises, NBA teams are putting its employees in position to grow and develop through some sort of D-League role as well. The league isn't simply for watching players progress and move on to greener pastures, anymore.

Even NBA champions are coming to understand such a concept. On Monday, the Heat and Skyforce introduced Pat Delany as Sioux Falls' newest head coach.

A Heat employee since 2003, Delany has embraced various roles over the last decade. These include video coordinator and advanced scout. Last month, he even served as an assistant coach for Miami's NBA Summer League teams in both Orlando and Las Vegas.

After watching a guy like Erik Spoelstra prosper and rise up as an NBA championship winning coach, the Heat obviously have faith and believe a path like the one Delany has also taken can lead to success.

See below for what Delany had to say about his exciting forthcoming opportunity.

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