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2013 NBADL All-Star Game MVP Travis Leslie Leads Minor Leaguers Still Signing Overseas

After signing with French team JSF Nanterre, 2013 NBADL All-Star Game MVP Travis Leslie will join the growing pact of promising young guns heading overseas next season.

Kevin C. Cox

With the month of August comes the dead of the NBA offseason, and with that in mind, most teams have turned their attention to filling out training camp rosters.

With the core of most rosters more or less set, NBA executives are likely simply just looking to take a chance on a young gun or intriguing prospect via a non-guaranteed training camp roster invite. Of course, most D-League notables often fall into such a category and aren't left with much to go on other than the hope and faith that they make a good enough impression to stick around past October.

But taking that chance often means forgoing more promising and lucrative (and not to mention, also guaranteed) contracts from international teams. This summer, many NBADL alumni are finding it increasingly difficult to turn such opportunities down, simply to keep the dream of playing in the NBA alive this season.

As the weeks continue, more and more young guns are weighing the pros and cons to each situation, and opting to venture overseas instead. This past weekend, it was announced that 2013 D-League All-Star Game MVP Travis Leslie will join the pact.

Though the guard's highlights this past season included leading the Santa Cruz Warriors to the NBADL Finals and actually earning a ten-day contract with the Utah Jazz, he ultimately did not play in any NBA games.

A quick, fiery, and explosive two-guard, Leslie appeared in 10 games for the Clippers in 2011-12 after getting drafted in the second round. Next season, he'll play with French team JSF Nanterre.

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