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Texas Legends Provide Fans With Unique Opportunity During NBA D-League Draft

The Texas Legends are providing fans with an unique experience to go behind the scenes during the NBA D-League Draft.


The NBA D-League announced Thursday that the D-League Draft will be November 1, 2014 at 3:30pm EST. Shortly after that announcement, the Texas Legends announced that their Annual Live Draft Party will be held in Plano, TX this year.

Fans often believe they could be the General Manager of their favorite sports team, and sometimes attempt to emulate the scenario each year with fantasy sports. However, the Legends are taking this opportunity to the next level with this live draft party. The party will be held at Henry's Tavern and will begin 30 minutes before the D-League draft is set to take place.

The behind the scenes experience of how the Legends run their "war room" is second to none for a basketball fan. The Legends' Owner Donnie Nelson, Head Coach/General Manager Eduardo Najera and other front office executives will be live and in-person for fans' viewing pleasure while live picks are made.

This is just one of many unique events fans have the chance to experience with respective D-League teams, and it's one of the main draws for casual and experienced fans alike. The access the league provides fans is part of what it makes it so special.

The Legends missed the playoffs in 2013-14 and finished with a record of 24-26. Since the move to Texas from Colorado back in 2010, they have made just one playoff appearance and have never finished with more than 24 wins. They will surely be looking to draft some key guys on November 1st to help change that history.