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NetScouts Basketball Provides Window Into Their Wonderful World Of Scouting

NetScouts Basketball Managing Partner Carl Berman chats with about his scouting firm, how it helps talent evaluators, and the kind of platform their provided a select few D-League athletes this summer.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

With NBA training camp officially underway, it's time for teams to begin evaluating their rosters, exploring different position battles, etc. As some players get cut and training camp invitees are let loose, the opportunity for D-League teams to bolster their respective rosters is there as well.

But before the new kids on the block show up, it'll be interesting to see which returning players choose to hit the minor league hardwood yet again. As such prospects continue their respective quests for eventual call-ups, it's worth pondering what they were all up to this past offseason while aiming to improve.

With that in mind, a select few talented D-League athletes (and other international vets, too) were a part of a multitude of tours to China put together by NetScouts Basketball.

In addition to scouting and helping all sorts of college and professional teams evaluate talent year-round, NetScouts takes advantage of the summer offseason to help such young guns gain valuable experience and extra exposure, too.

Santa Cruz Warriors' assistant coach James Andrisevic ventured to China himself following NBA Summer League to help the lead the way for the NetScouts squads.

"James did really well. He was with us for two trips. He had four games the first time around. He brought guys like Kiwi Gardner, Kevin Kotzur, and Greg Gantt with him," Managing Partner Carl Berman recently told "We had Anthony Mason Jr. play in our most recent tour. He played well. He was kind of that point-forward, and we were able to run the offense through him. He's such a smart player. He knows how to score, pass, and get everyone involved."

Berman continued, "[Andrisevic] does a good job adapting, because this was the first time we're getting these guys together. We're playing against teams that have playing together all year. We come in kind of cold. There's not a lot of time to practice. You work on offense and defense and just see what works as you go along. James adapted really well and ended up winning eleven out of twelve games between the two trips."

NetScouts provides an array of services to assist in the efforts of basketball coaches, executives, scouts, and even the players, too. They tour the world, scouting talent and providing some with a platform to gain more exposure as well. Providing a further window into their world, Berman added, "From the international standpoint, we're pretty well connected. We scout international teams. From a college standpoint, we're a good source for colleges to contact to see who they should recruit internationally. We also scout D-1 schools for some European teams. We look at the draft each year to see who we think will get selected, and who won't."

As the basketball season begins, it'll be worthwhile to keep up with what the organization is up to.