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NBA D-League Assistant Coach Jeff Javorek Optimistically Looks For Next Opportunity

Having worked for the Erie BayHawks in different capacities over the last three seasons, Jeff Javorek hopes he's done enough to prove he's deserving of consideration for a head coaching gig.

NBA Summer League is a huge platform for basketball's biggest and brightest up and comers. There are hundreds of prospects competing, many of whom are without guaranteed contracts going forward. But with a slew of NBA, D-League, and international executives walking around in Las Vegas, the chance to explore new opportunities is there.

Many of the players hoping for a shot happen to be D-League alumni. But, of course, basketball's minor league is not solely about the development of its players. There are an abundance of coaches and other related personnel who come out of the D-League year after year to experience even great success moving forward.

One high-character and quality individual currently on a similar quest is Jeff Javorek. The D-League staffer spent the past three seasons with the Erie BayHawks and most recently served as an assistant coach under Gene Cross. Since rising up as an intern in the organization, Javorek has served in a number of different capacities. With D-League staffs usually so small and intimate, team employees are tasked with wearing many hats over the course of the season.

In addition to scouting and taking time to coach younger players closer to his home town of Cleveland, Javorek also turned up in Las Vegas this week. Whereas some coaches have been able to spend time working alongside staffs of NBA affiliates, others are in town while on the prowl for those very next opportunities. There are currently nine head coaching vacancies in the NBA D-League. In addition, a source tells that a tenth team will be looking to name a new head coach come this fall.

Such vacancies will result in a handful of qualified individuals moving on to bigger and better things. If such openings aren't enough, the fact of the matter remains that each respective staff will need to be filled; job opportunities galore.

One of the younger coaches in the D-League, the experience Coach Javorek has gained in recent seasons is second to none.

"I think being able to keep moving up each year goes with your ability to pick things up and understand the system. There's a process and you can't go about it by skipping steps," the coach told  "You look to make the most out of your opportunities, because if you do that, you'll have a good chance at moving up through different positions."

As it hopes to further cement itself as a more traditional minor league system of the NBA, the D-League will continue to experiment and explore different ways it can ultimately benefit The Association. In turn, the league's coaches are continuously challenged and exposed to different people, personalities, and other aspects of the game.

"Last year, I worked with Ricky Davis. He's an NBA player and is about 8-10 years older than me, so that was an opportunity to work with someone like that and deal with those sorts of players," Javorek added. "Now [The D-League] is getting a lot of older veterans who want to make one last push, so that's another point too."

If given the opportunity to step up as the main man with the plan, Coach Javorek will not only look to lean on his past experience, but also attempt to create a healthy environment by instilling a positive outlook throughout his team from A to Z.

"The top things I've learned have to do with maintaining relationships with your players. That's number one. Another thing is, when you're trying to develop players, it's crucial to have a positive atmosphere and setting with the entire team and different individuals," he concluded. "That's when you'll find team success, individual improvement, and staff development. If you look forward to going to work and you love the guys you're with, that's when your development will be at its best."

So far, Coach Javorek has taken full advantage, grabbing the bull by the horns as he continues to learn, experience new things, and learn even more along the way. He's sure to take all of that with him and put forth a strong effort if given an opportunity to truly run the show for a D-League squad.