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NBA Mock Draft: Philadelphia 76ers trade for #10, draft Stanley Johnson from Arizona

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SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making or trading "their" team's pick. We continue with the next pick in the 2015 NBA Mock Draft, with Liberty Ballers selecting Stanley Johnson following a trade with Hot Hot Hoops.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Mock Draft Pick #10 -- Stanley Johnson, Forward, Arizona

Hot Hot Hoops and Liberty Ballers have completed a trade for the #10 pick.

The Heat will receive:

2015 13th overall pick, 2016 OKC 1st round pick (protected 1-15), 2016 Denver 2nd round pick, 2017 Sixers 2nd round pick in exchange for 10th overall.

Liberty Ballers explains the trade:

With the 10th Overall Pick in the 2015 SB Nation NBA draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select Stanley Johnson, guard/forward out of the University of Arizona. Johnson is a strong athlete with significant upside. We feel confident that, through hard work and NBA coaching, that Johnson will become a strong perimeter shooter and will be an excellent complement to our core of Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, and Mario Hezonja, especially on the defensive end of the court, and will help us on our path to building a championship-contending team for years to come.

The price of trading up three slots was a significant one to pay, more than the market would suggest, but given that the we have five second round picks this season - some of which we anticipate trading, the expectation for a strong 2016 record for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and our confidence in Stanley Johnson as a prospect and being selected, and who we had rated higher than this draft slot, we felt this was a worthy trade despite the cost.

1) Minnesota Timberwolves: KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS

2) Los Angeles Lakers: JAHLIL OKAFOR

3) Phoenix Suns (via Philadelphia 76ers): D'ANGELO RUSSELL

4) New York Knicks: JUSTISE WINSLOW


6) Philadelphia 76ers (via Sacramento Kings): MARIO HEZONJA

7) Denver Nuggets: EMMANUEL MUDIAY

8) Boston Celtics (via Detroit Pistons): KRISTAPS PRIZINGIS

9) Utah Jazz (via Charlotte Hornets): MYLES TURNER

10) Philadelphia 76ers (via Miami Heat): STANLEY JOHNSON

11) Indiana Pacers

12) Utah Jazz

13) Phoenix Suns

14) Oklahoma City Thunder

15) Atlanta Hawks

16) Boston Celtics

17) Milwaukee Bucks

18) Houston Rockets

19) Washington Wizards

20) Toronto Raptors

21) Dallas Mavericks

22) Chicago Bulls

23) Portland Trail Blazers

24) Cleveland Cavaliers

25) Memphis Grizzlies

26) San Antonio Spurs

27) Los Angeles Lakers

28) Boston Celtics

29) Brooklyn Nets

30) Golden State Warriors