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Dion Rosenboro Headed For 2015 NBA D-League National Tryout

Dion Rosenboro will be among those taking part in the 2015 NBA D-League national tryout, has learned.

Dion Rosenboro

This coming Sunday, hundreds of basketball hopefuls will look to impress NBA and D-League personnel alike at the minor league's annual national tryout in New York City.

While such an opportunity is likely to be the first exposure of its kind for many just hoping to live out a grown man's fantasy (the chance to play professional basketball), it's a bit more serious for some of the others. A select few athletes will arrive, already boasting experience playing pro ball.

Count Dion Rosenboro as one of those players.

The guard will take part in Sunday's tryout, a source tells Rosenboro is no stranger to attempting to break into the D-League, though to this point, he has proved to be unsuccessful. In the meantime, he has nevertheless amassed experience on the international and professional circuits. Most recently, he could be found playing for the Erie Hurricane of the Premier Basketball League.

In past years, Rosenboro has been on the radar of our friends at NetsScout while also playing in the Eastern Basketball Alliance.

Listed at 5'11" and 160 pounds, the 26 year old is said to have decent instincts as a very local kind of floor general on the court. See below for more of his highlights.