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Darryl Anderson Headed For the 2015 NBA D-League National Tryout

Former RIT Tigers guard Darryl Anderson is attending the 2015 NBA D-League national tryout, has learned.

As the hundreds of basketball hopefuls arrive at the 2015 NBA D-League tryout this coming Sunday, it's important to consider what kind of overall skill set they boast, in an effort to further explore the type of player they could be at the minor league level.

When it comes to Darryl Anderson, the minor league executives set to be in attendance can be on the lookout for some fancy footwork. The guard, who has learned will be strutting his stuff on Sunday, was a two-sport athlete --- basketball and soccer --- for the RIT Tigers after transferring over from San Diego Mesa College.

Specifically focusing on what he can potentially do on the hardwood, Anderson is naturally a quick and agile player who is said to be a pesky defender. While at SDMC, he led the league in assists and steals as a freshman.

As minor league personnel look for versatile efforts on Sunday, it will likely be the guard's ability to facilitate and create opportunities for his teammates, coupled with his ability to steadily stay in front of his man on defense, that is surely to garner him more consideration. It'll be interesting to see if he will be able to execute accordingly, and stand out by providing such decision-makers with exactly what they're looking for.

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