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Former Raptors 905 Guard Jay Harris Acquired By Delaware 87ers

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Originally selected in the second round of this past fall's D-League Draft, Jay Harris has been picked up by the 87ers.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Upon getting selected second overall of the second round in this past fall's D-League Draft, former Illinois guard Jay Harris was hoping to make a positive impact for the Raptors 905. And for much of his rookie campaign, he did just that. After averaging more than 15 points per contest during his senior collegiate season, Harris began his professional career by adding value as an offensive spark plug off the bench. Such an ability comes rather naturally, but in hoping to make further improvements in the minor league, the guard was also looking to get his teammates involved and improve his defensive tendencies.

The future is bright for the promising Harris, but with the Raptors 905 looking to help develop and subsequently capitalize on the talent of their NBA affiliates' assignees, Harris was no longer the beneficiary of consistent minutes. But that doesn't mean other teams across the league aren't intrigued by his prowess. Despite recently getting waived, Harris has been picked up by the Delaware 87ers, a source tells

The guard comes at an opportune time and is likely to provide a similar boost for the 87ers, whose top prospects Sean Kilpatrick (Nets) and Jordan McRae (Cavaliers) have or are soon to ink NBA deals. It was only a matter of time for Harris. The opportunity will be there, and hopefully he'll capitalize.

In twenty games for the Raptors 905, Harris averaged 6.7 points and 2.3 assists, and shot a 38% clip from downtown.