Why the NBA should use a relegation system

In the NBA, and for most American sports, tanking is a serious problem. There are some proposed solutions to this, but most involve destroying the NBA draft. This would inevitably make all rookies sign with good teams and super teams rule the NBA forever. Yet in Europe and other major soccer leagues, tanking is not a problem. Why? This is because they use a relegation system. The relegation system is when the lowest teams in a league are relegated to a minor league. So if the Nets were at the bottom, they would be relegated to the G League. Some changes would need to be made to the NBA G League, but this could potentially work. This system also makes relegation games, or games between teams who are fighting to stay in the top league, absolutely amazing. With the amount of teams competing for a pick, this change would make a gigantic competition for wins. I honestly think that that would be funner to watch than the games between really good teams. It would also make the G League actually matter. Nothing illustrates this better than the fact that this post is the first FanPost on this site in 1 year, and that was about the NBA draft. I am also the only user who has commented on any posts recently. If a relegation system was adopted, this site would become one of the most used sites.

There re would also have to be changes made to the NBA G league. There would have to be a call-up deadline. If there was no call up deadline, NBA teams would just try to sabotage the G league teams. There would only be call up rights on players they had sent down that season. There also could allow G league trades up to the NBA. The NBA could send a little bit of money to the G league in exchange for a player. Also, instead of call up deadlines, there could be call up limits. A team could only call up 1 or 2 players in a season, and any 1 G league team could also have a limit on a number of players that could be called up. For instance, the Maine Red Claws could only have 1 or 2 players from their roster called up in 1 season. Also, the teams would lose their affiliations with NBA teams.

This proposed change would make two of the NBA's biggest weaknesses, the G League and the tanking into big strengths. The race from the bottom would be changed into a race for the top, and with the 10 or so teams that are absolutely terrible, that would be fun. In Europe there is usually 3 teams that are relegated, but in the NBA I think only 1 or 2 teams need to be relegated to start out with. The G league changes would be immediate, but the actual relegation would have a 2 year grace period. I think this is a sensible and fun plan to stop tanking, and it should be adopted soon.

I really hope that someone reads this article, maybe the editor of this website, but no one probably will.

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