Why There Will Be No More Balls in the NBA

Well, well, well. The Ball family has left Lithuania due to "injuries" and LiAngelo is preparing for the NBA draft. Is there a chance?

Nope. Not even in the G League. Here's why.

Off-Court Issues

There are two parts to the off-court issues facing LiAngelo and LaMelo. First is very simply LaVar. His big mouth - while endearing to a media desperate for ratings - is not attractive to NBA GMs.

Any team that chooses one of the remaining Ball boys will inherit the media circus that goes with it. And that's not fun for any team that wants a serious shot at winning.

Secondly, LiAngelo has shown character issues off the court. The incident in China was no small thing, and his lack of gratitude and humility following the event was even worse. He wasn't willing to serve out his suspension as he should have, instead leaving the school to play overseas.

Now that both brothers have quit their team in Lituania as well, a pattern is very clear. If they don't get their way, they leave. And the NBA doesn't work that way. No one wants that attitude.

They're Just Not Good

In *Lithuania*, LiAngelo averaged 12.6 points and 22 minutes per game, and LaMelo averaged 6.5 points and 12 minutes. Those aren't world-shaking numbers, and the Lithuania league is nowhere near the quality of the NBA.

LiAngelo, in particular, is the least promising of the three brothers, and the very least likely to be drafted. He wasn't even a starter for UCLA before he was suspended for shoplifting. Bench players aren't generally drafted.

As for LaMelo? He's only 16, so he still has time to build his game. His size is impressive. However, thanks to his father's antics, he isn't likely to have a chance to build his skills in a way that impresses NBA scouts. Who knows where he'll end up playing next year, since LaVar has said the "coach ruined the situation" in Lithuania.

Ignore LaVar's Nonsense

LaVar's seeming insanity continues, of course, as he makes irrational declarations to an eager media. Right now he's demanding that the Lakers sign the younger Ball brothers or else Lonzo won't resign with them.

Reasons that's nonsense:

  • The Lakers control Lonzo's basketball future until the 2021 season
  • Even then, Lonzo is a restricted free agent
  • Simply put, Lonzo isn't like his dad. He won't refuse to sign or force a team to take his brothers. He'll simply move on with his career.
There's no reason to put any credence in much of ANYTHING LaVar has to say. He's an excuse-maker who has two sons who are good at basketball. One's in the NBA, and one has little chance to build his game thanks to good 'ol Dad. Good for him.

There won't be any more Balls in the NBA.

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