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Dakota Wizards-Rio Grande Valley Thoughts

So I was watching snippets of the Wizards @ RGV contest tonight in between the UCLA-Texas game and caught a few things from their webcast announce team:

First, the end of some sort of plug for RidiculousUpside.  Not sure exactly what it was all about, but I heard it!  Thanks fellas!

Anyway, they brought up a couple of interesting things:

One was a question as to why the Wizards have added the green piping on their jerseys.  I put in a call to Wizards GM Tom Wagganer, as it does look a bit awkward when you see big, bleach blonde Brad rocking this jersey, it really stands out!  Apparently, this is to commemorate the storied tradition of the Wizards.  Formerly, green was a prominent color on both the Wizards logo and in their jerseys.  Upon entering the D-League, the jerseys were changed to the purple/white/black that we've seen the past few seasons.  This season however, in preparation for their 15th season next year, they wanted to show that they're still connected to their roots.

Secondly, I would just like to let them know that yes, Iranians are allowed in this country.  Even Hamed Haddadi.  He's been very efficient in limited minutes even!

Also, they were being broadcast on the D-League radio network, which i would assume to be unbiased, and I believe it was Jonah Goldberg who had this to say: "UNBELIEVABLE! WORST CALL EVER! I'VE NEVER SEEN A WORSE CALL! THAT IS RIDICULOUS! WHATEVER! VIPERS CANNOT BUY A LOOSE BALL CALL!"  Very professional.  Thank you for filling the void for the Fort Wayne commentators from last season.  You make me feel just like I was there, sitting in the nosebleeds with my friends!

I other news, the game was well played, or the parts that I watched anyway.  Denham Brown led the way for the Wizards scoring 22 points, followed by Renaldo Major and Mo Baker with 16 points a piece.  For the Vipers, who had a lot of mascots at their game, Alton Ford led the team with 22 points, 10 boards, and 5 fouls.  Craig Winder was hot for RGV, scoring 19 points in 23 minutes.