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Big Names Joining The D-League

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Following in the footsteps last week of Shaun Livingston, more big names have entered the D-League today.

First, this morning, I heard that the Albuquerque Thunderbirds picked up Mouhamed Saer Sene and the Erie Bayhawks picked up Quincy Douby.  Now, while following along with the games tonight, I notice Demarcus Nelson started for the Austin Toros.

Albuquerque's pick up is great, as they severely lacked a big man able to guard Courtney Sims this afternoon.  Sims had a field day with the two headed monster of 6'7" 280 pounders in Jasper Johnson and Antonio Meeking, scoring 25 points, grabbing 15 boards, and swatting five shots.

Erie's pick-up of Quincy Douby will secure their lineup, as they had been starting Tony Bethel at the 2.  Now they'll start Maureece Rice, Douby, Jackie Manuel, Ivan Harris, and Erik Daniels.  Erie will be a team to reckon with in a tight division race.

Austin's pick up is the most interesting.  I have no idea how they have been able to keep such a strong team for the past couple years.  Everytime somebody leaves, a player at least as good comes in and replaces them.  Austin has cycled Malik Hairston, Blake Ahearn, Anthony Tolliver, Ian Mahinmi, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Andre Brown, and Charles Gaines through the system.  Still, tonight they started Demarcus Nelson, Marcus Williams, and Dwayne Jones, all three with NBA experience.  They bring DerMarr Johnson off the bench!  I have no idea how they are to able to keep such a solid team.  Rather, I have no idea how teams like Tulsa are able to field the roster they do without being able to retool like Austin.