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James White signed "multi-year" deal with the Houston Rockets

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Word on the street is James White has signed a multi-year deal with the Houston Rockets.  With his second 10-day set to expire today, they had to either sign him for the rest of the season or release him.  White averaged 25.9 points, and five boards, shooting 55% from the field in his 34 games in the D-League.

In his only NBA game thus far, White got a chance to get on the court for the final 3:42 of the fourth quarter against the dreadful Minnesota Timberwolves.  He proceeded to hit two quick shots for 5 points, but committed three turnovers and two fouls in the same stretch.  Nothing groundbreaking.

Multi-year deals for the D-Leaguers aren't always multi-year deals (see Lance Allred from last season), but this could be promising.  While in the D-League, White showed an improved jumper and got to the rim using his athleticism along with playing well on defense.  He also showed this:

In other news, Nate Jawai and DJ White were both recalled to the NBA. After showing a lot of promise in the D-League, I think it would have beneficial to let both play out the season in the D-League if they don't get minutes in the NBA.