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Vegas Summer League Recap: Day 1

Hello.  How about that ride in?  I guess that's why they call it Sin City.  Ha ha.

So...Vegas.  Pretty much everyone on the basketball internet is there right now, including Scott Schroeder.  I haven't heard from him in a few days, though, so in all possibility he's stuck on the roof of his hotel trying to signal for help with his mattress.  (And end "Hangover"  In all seriousness, this is the Summer League everyone seems to be paying attention to, and the NBA in its infinite wisdom has decided that people should pay $15 to watch relatively low-quality internet video of glorified scrimmages.  I just hope this isn't a preview for next season's Futurecast.  Oh right, the games.

Houston Rockets 73, Golden State Warriors 69

Anthony Randolph showed off his all-around talent in this one, scoring 20 points on 17 shots, grabbing 10 rebounds and picking up three assists and two steals, though he also had nine fouls and three turnovers.  We all knew Stephen Curry was going to shoot, and he did, throwing up eight three-pointers and 14 shots overall, though he only made four of them.  He did a decent job getting to the line and had three assists, though he also had seven fouls and four turnovers.  Joey Dorsey didn't have a great game offensively, shooting 2-6, though he had 12 rebounds and two blocks.  Also, five turnovers.  Maarty Leunen had a pretty efficient game.  Leunen was drafted by the Rockets a year ago and spent the last season overseas, and yesterday he shot 4-7 with seven rebounds.

Cartier Martin, who got called up from the D-League by the Bobcats last year, played okay with 14 points on 11 shots and four rebounds, though he also had six fouls and missed all of his three-pointers.  Rod Benson had six rebounds in 11 minutes, though he didn't do much on offense and missed a pair of free throws.  Will Conroy did a decent job running the point for Houston with four assists, and even though he missed both of his three-pointers he did a good job getting to the free-throw line.

The rest of the opening day Vegas action after the jump.

Los Angeles Lakers 85, Toronto Raptors 84

You know who played well in this one?  Adam Morrison.  I guess that's not all that surprising, this being Summer League and all, but it's still proof that he remembers how to play basketball.  Morrison had 24 points on 17 shots and added five rebounds, three assists and two blocks.  Ben McCauley also played well, and since we didn't get to the Lakers' SL roster breakdown I'll just say that he's a 6'9" big man who had an up-and-down career at NC State, though his rebounding improved every year on a per-minute basis.  Yesterday McCauley had 24 points on 19 shots and 15 rebounds, though he also had four turnovers.  Paul Davis also had a good rebounding day with nine, and he also had three steals.  Roko Ukic had a decent enough game with 16 points on nine shots, though he also had four turnovers to his three assists.

Brent Petway didn't do a ton on offense, though he apparently had a monster left-handed dunk that got Twitter all, uh, atwitter, but he also showed off his great shot-blocking ability, finishing with three in a little over 18 minutes.  David Monds did well offensively, with 17 points on 10 shots, and he added three rebounds.  Smush Parker didn't do much scoring-wise, though he had six assists, four rebounds and two steals.

Detroit Pistons 86, Sacramento Kings 77

Most of the Pistons had a rough day, though DaJuan Summers played well with 24 points on 15 shots with seven rebounds, two steals and a block.  Tyreke Evans didn't have a great shooting day, 4-10, though he did a good job getting to the free-throw line and had four rebounds, though he also had four turnovers and four fouls.  In fact, several Kings had good rebounding days, including Donte Green, who had seven to go with his 11 points on 9 shots and two blocks, and Jon Brockman, who had eight rebounds in 21 minutes.

Robert Battle, a 6'8" forward who got on the Kings' Summer League team by being friends with the owner of a Vegas watch store who knows the Maloofs (that is true), had nine rebounds and shot 5-5 in less than 16 minutes.  Clay Tucker showed his efficient scoring, shooting 5-7 and adding two assists.  Dwayne Jones only played three and a half minutes, though he had two rebounds and an assist in that time (also three fouls).  Michael Bramos had a decent game, with 13 points on 6 shots, and he threw in a block as well.

Milwaukee Bucks 65, Dallas Mavericks 59

I know we're not supposed to judge these as actual games, but...woof.  Neither team scored 20 points in a quarter until the 4th, when they both did (but just barely).  I know I said I would emphasize positive performances and not talk about bad ones very much, but that's going to be hard with this one.  Ahmad Nivins had the best game out of everyone with 19 points on 10 shots and six rebounds, though he also had six fouls.   Jodie Meeks was an efficient scorer at Kentucky, and he  had 14 points on nine shots, though he didn't do much else aside from two rebounds.  In this game, though, that's pretty stellar.  Need some evidence?  Rodrigue Beaubois had eight fouls and six turnovers and missed all of his three-pointers.  Joe Alexander had seven rebounds but needed 18 shots to score 14 points.  Brandon Jennings shot 3-12.  Amir Johnson had seven fouls and six turnovers.  Aaron Miles missed all of his field goals and had eight fouls and seven turnovers.  Let's just move on and hope these players do better from now on.