NBA Draft Rumors: A Round Up

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The NBA draft, as you all know, is getting closer. Much closer. And, as a result, rumors are flying in every which direction. Some out there are started by teams hoping the guy the want falls to them, even if they have to mention injuries. Others are started with the hopes that some team ahead of them catches on and drafts a guy too high... letting a better player fall.

And some of the rumors are serious and have a good shot of happening. These are the ones that are rare... and these are the ones we're trying to find. I've been "collecting" rumors as of late (by collecting, I mean posting them on twitter) and will post them on here for everyone to read/contemplate/comment on/whatever else you do with rumors. By the way... the draft rumors can be found here... and it's nice that I'm the only one that seems to be using the tag. And if you want NBA rumors, this is your link. Both are to Twitter Search pages, where I seem to be using the tags the most.

I don't have the exact links, but most of these have come from,, or

Players in the draft...

Jordan Hill: One rumor has it that Don Nelson has told him that he's not falling past #7... If he does though, there is thought that the Knicks would take him (even over Stephen Curry)... The Mavs like him too.

Omri Casspi: Might the Nets trade down for him? They're rumored to be really interested...

Johnny Flynn: Despite all my wishing that he'd fall to the Jazz, he's pretty much a lock to go between #4 (Kings) and #10 (Bucks). In fact, there is thought now that the Kings have soured on Rubio enough to take Flynn over him...

Ty Lawson: Unlikely, but he could go #10 to the Bucks. It seems likely that he'll go a bit after that though (#13 to the Pacers?), though he could potentially fall till about #19 or so (obviously, right before the Jazz)...

BJ Mullens: Reportedly, he has a guarantee from the Pistons at #15... That said, he's still been working out with teams picking below #15, maybe in case the Pistons end up trading down/out... He's working out with Chicago (#16) and Philly (#17) this week, which doesn't make sense with a guarantee at #15.

Tyler Hansbrough: If the Nets are somehow able to trade down to #16 (there was talk of a #16 + #26 to the Nets with #11 going to the Bulls deal), they could snag Hansbrough. I think he has another workout with them tomorrow (though I could be mentioning the wrong team)... He really impressed the Hawks in a workout today.

Toney Douglas: If the Pistons are able to get a later 1st round pick, this might be their guy.

Ricky Rubio: Ah, the overhyped PG (sorry, I just don't get it). He's not going #1... He reportedly doesn't want to play for the Grizzlies (#2) or the Wizards (#5)... His workout with the Kings (#4) didn't happen due to an injury or the flu or something... Could he realistically fall to #6 (or even beyond?)... The Knicks like him and could try to trade up. In fact, they're optimistic about their chances... The Thunder might take him simply because he'll be the best player on the board... The T-Wolves could be after him, which would explain why they're trying to get a 2nd round pick.

Wayne Ellington: There was talk of his stock falling a bit due to workouts... There's rumors that the Hawks like him at #19, and the Sixers are also considering him at #17.

Austin Daye: When he decided to stay in the draft, there was talk that he had a promise in the top-20. Could that be at #18 with the Timberwovles?

Earl Clark: Did he get a promise from the Suns at #14?

Jodie Meeks: It's being mentioned that he might have a early 2nd round guarantee from the Nuggets. (Is that the end of the Sonny Weems era?)

Jon Brockman: He seems to have an early 2nd round guaratnee from 1 of the Blazers/Spurs/Pistons.

Darren Collison: Fearful of not getting many minutes, Collison (a late-1st/early-2nd rounder) decided against working out for the Jazz because they have Deron Williams.

DeJuan Blair: Maybe his knees are okay after all. He is being strongly considered by the Pacers (#13) and the Bulls (#16). He has another workout with the Bulls tomorrow, and worked out with the Jazz today... If he falls to the Bulls, he could be their guy... The Blazers seem interested as they make their calls in hopes to trade up.

Taj Gibson: Could the Jazz throw a curve into the draft by taking him at #20?

Stephen Curry: He seems confident that he'll go in the top 5, and thinks he'll end up with the Knicks. We'll have to see how that goes... He could go as high as #3 to the Thunder... Curry seems to be the top guy on the Warriors board (which goes against what they've supposedly told Ellis & Hill).

Hasheem Thabeet: He has refused to workout for the Grizzlies, and seems to be trying to convince the Thunder that he's their guy.

Terrence Williams: There was talk earlier that if the Nets stuck at #11, he'd be their guy (providing he wasn't gone)... He's been working out with many teams though.

Jrue Holiday: His agent (Dan Fegan) doesn't want the Wizards taking him. He has the same agent as Rubio, and Fegan also spoke out about not wanting Rubio playing for the Wizards (or the Grizzlies. Man, Fegan just seems like an a**)... He has had 2 workouts with the Knicks, for what it's worth.

Brandon Jennings: He might feel that Rubio is overhyped, but others would disagree. Rubio will be a top-5 pick (barring a huge surprise), while Jennings might end up falling out of the lottery.

Players in the NBA at the moment...

Kevin Love: Rumors were that he was offered by the T-Wolves to the Grizzlies for the #2 pick (the Wolves would then take Rubio #2, and also have pick #6). This has since been debunked (I think).

Monta Ellis: The Warriors might've confirmed to him that he will be their starting PG next year and that they won't be drafting a "play-making guard" at #7.

David Lee: We've all heard the talk about him being traded. It would be a lot easier for the Knicks if Jordan Hill fell to them.

Wilson Chandler: There was talk that he was being offered to the Wizards for the #5 pick. Since then though, I've been reading that the Wizards like Larry Hughes or Jared Jeffries. I don't see how any of this matches up to the #5 pick though.

Mike Miller: The T-Wolves are making him available. There was the rumor of Foye/Miller/Cardinal/Madsen/late 1st rounder for #5... They offered Miller for Chris Kaman, but were shot down. The Clippers countered by offering Marcus Camby for Miller.

Raja Bell: The Warriors want to add some defense, and have been offered Bell. The Bobcats want Kelenna Azubuike and Marco Belinelli in return. The Warriors are mulling over this (and Azubuike would have to agree to the trade unless it happens after July 24th).

Shaquille O'Neal: We've all heard the trade talk. Including the Shaq for Ben Wallace & Sasha Pavlovic deal. This deal has been shelved for now, because the Suns want young players or picks coming their way as well... There was also talk (though I haven't heard anything since) of an O'Neal for Luol Deng deal.

Ben Gordon: It's technically not legal, I don't think, and he's shot it down, but there are rumors that Gordon has a $11 million guarantee from the Pistons once FA starts.

Vince Carter: Yep, he (like Shaq & Antawn Jamison) has been mentioned in potentially getting dealt for Ben Wallace & Sasha Pavlovic.

Rajon Rondo: There were some Rondo rumors out there. I don't remember them, partially because I thought it sounded stupid and ignored them.

Team rumors...

Nets: If they can't trade down, Terrence Williams could be their guy. Or they could reach for Tyler Hansbrough... If they do trade down, Hansbrough could be their guy.

Cavaliers: If they are able to trade up, it'll be for Sam Young, Ty Lawson or Earl Clark.

Thunder: If they keep the pick, the Thunder could look to take the best available PG at #25. Of course, that's dependent on them not taking Rubio #3... At least one 'NBA source' thinks that if Thabeet falls to #3, the chances of him going to OKC are at 100%.

Grizzlies: Ricky Rubio has refused to workout for them. So has Hasheem Thabeet. James Harden didn't impress in workouts, but could still be their guy simply because he's willing to play for them... Recent workout: Marcus Thornton impressed, Danny Green not so much... Consensus seems to be that the Grizzlies don't have putting a winning team on the floor as the #1 priority, and players/agents are trying to stay away as a result.

T-Wolves: They are desperately trying to move into the top-2 (maybe 3). The question is, is it for Rubio? Or Thabeet? Rubio makes more sense, but if they end up giving up Love, Thabeet would fit in well too... They're working out DeMar DeRozan this week. They tried to bring Curry in, but he refused... If they're not able to get #5, they might set their sights on #3... There were rumors of a Foye/Miller/Gomes for Ray Allen deal, but the Wolves quickly shot that rumor down.

Wizards: They continue to try to deal #5. Most recent rumor has it being packaged with Etan Thomas in a trade to the Mavs. Not sure who the Mavs would give up in return... There was the talk of Amar'e for #5, though that's died down... There were also rumors earlier of Antawn Jamison & Mike James for Sasha Pavlovic & Ben Wallace, but likewise, I haven't heard much since... If nothing happens, they could take Rubio (whether he has to stay overseas or not); they seem to be the highest on his potential

Hawks: They have put a combo package (Speedy Claxton + #19) on the market... They're also trying to land Amar'e.

Pistons: They seem ready to start over. Who's atop their FA shopping list? Hearing Gordon, Boozer, Millsap, Ariza... They also seem open to dealing (or at least listening to offers for) Rip Hamilton and/or Tayshaun Prince... BJ Mullens? Or Earl Clark?... They could potentially "give" Amir Johnson & #15 to the Thunder, which would clear space for them to chase Gordon and Boozer/'Sap (whichever one they prefer)... For what it's worth, Dumars is denying just about everything. He's not trading his pick. He hasn't made a promise. He's not looking at acquiring more picks. He's not looking to trade Prince/Hamilton. On and on... There top choices are Clark or Daye?

Nets: There were rumors that they were offering Devin Harris for the #2 pick, but that just sounds dumb. Though I guess that fits with some of the other rumors as well.

Blazers: Is this where David Lee ends up?... What about Hedo Turkoglu?... Will they sell their draft pick?...They're getting offers for Batum, Fernandez & Outlaw, but balking at dealing any of them... If Rubio seems likely to fall, the Blazers could get involved. Of course, trading up to #5 would probably cost them at least Bayless + Outlaw/Batum, and net them Etan Thomas as well... They really want Kirk Hinrich.

Kings: Talk about being in a hard spot. Earlier, there was talk that they'd even consider Rubio over Griffin (if they had landed the #1 spot). Now they're picking number 4, but might end up taking Flynn or Tyreke Evans over Rubio. It seems to be down to those 3 though... There was talk that the 5 voices that have a say were all saying different names. They're going to need to agree on someone soon.

Suns: If they're serious about dealing Shaq &/or Amar'e, do they consider Hansbrough or Mullens at #14?... Could be down to Clark & James Johnson (and Austin Daye?), unless a top player falls.

Mavericks: About the talk for trading up for #5, there is some history. In 2004, they traded Antawn Jamison to the Wizards in exchange for the #5 pick, Devin Harris.

Pacers: Larry Bird would prefer drafting a guy with a couple of seasons of college experience... They'd like to trade up to #5, but it's not likely... They see their needs as bigs, a wing and a PG... They seem to be down to a list of 4 players, at least 3 of whom should be available at their pick.

That's it for now. If I come across more, they'll be posted on my twitter page, probably on the twitter search ones (unless I forget or it's too long) and maybe in the comments here. Feel free to join and post rumors or opinions on the rumors. (If it's too long, I'm sorry. My posts always tend to be longer than I'd like...)

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