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NBA Draft Stock: The Ups and Downs of it all

This morning I had planned to debut our final mock draft.  That mock was going to have elaborate explanations that no one would disagree with, making me the top mock drafter in the World.  Unfortunately, after doing my research (checking out the mock's of Jon Givony and Chad Ford, reading through the rumors round up, writing a poem, etc.), I found that this is going to be one of the most random drafts in awhile, and instead decided to keep my credibility.  I mean, essentially after Shaq trade among others, I would have had to develop a whole new thought process in 12 hours!  Instead, we're foregoing the final mock and doing a post on just how random the NBA Draft process is.

Remember last year, when Brandon Jennings was the top point guard in his class, dominated the McDonald's All-American game while showing some swagger, and everyone thought he was going to be the next big thing?  Well, now the mocks are ranking him in the late teens.  At the beginning of this process, six weeks ago, he was top sevenish.  Since then, he's called Ricky Rubio out, performed well at some workouts, and skipped the Eurocamp.  I don't really get it.  I want to blame his falling stock on heading to Europe instead of heading to the D-League, but I really don't know how he slips so many picks in so little time.

How about Stephen Curry?  People didn't think he'd be able to get much better.  Late lottery at best as of last season, many people thought.  Instead, he developed some point guard skills and turned himself into a top 10 pick.  The biggest downside, I had heard, was that his athleticism just wouldn't suffice in the NBA.  Well, his combine numbers showed that's improved, and yesterday I got an e-mail from someone in the know, giving me some insight as to why:  

We hear that Stephen Curry is preparing his body for the NBA under the watchful eye of private strength coach Steve Kostorowski at the Water Street Gym. Not a bad place to start when you the consider the pros that have been through his program. All-Stars Chris Paul and David West both trained for their initial assault on the league with Steve and recent years have seen Rudy Gay and Joey Dorsey lifting, squatting and jumping at the private facility in Washington's Georgetown neighborhood. We understand that the workouts are big on injury-prevention and improving the player's "Athleticism."

Remember Jonny Flynn this regular season? No? Well, do you remember him come tournament time? I thought so. In about a month's span, he improved his stock tremendously via his smile and toughness in the million overtime game - in the process, stealing Holly MacKenzie's heart. Now, he's a possible top five pick in a draft loaded with talent at his position!

Essentially, what I'm getting at, is the NBA Draft process is, in a word, fickle.  Things are constantly changing, mostly behind closed doors.  Some player's stock rises, some stock falls, but through it all, it's exciting.  Ever changing, excruciating to try and keep track of, but awesome and easily one of the top moments of the year.