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2009 NBA Draft: Open Thread

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Boom.  The floor is yours.  Discuss at will.  Whoever can get all 10 of these questions right will win a text from me, congratulating you.  I would also be willing to send some four-bean casserole my mom sent me, if interested.

1. Who will be the 2nd pick?

2. Who will be the biggest bust?

3. Who will go more than 7 picks too high?

4. Who has Ridiculous Upside?

5. Why is Scott Schroeder the man?  His poem writing abilities?

6. What are your extended thoughts on the NBA D-League?

7. Who is your favorite, not best, player in the draft?  Why?

8. Which mock draft is more agreeable through 29 picks?  SBN's own, or BDL's version?

9. What's my favorite color?

10. Which trade thus far will have the biggest impact next season?

Tie Breaker: Which player will soon be traded that hasn't been traded yet?