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2009 NBA Draft Preview: in Poetry

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'Twas the night before the Draft and all through the 'net,

All the creatures are stirring to spew idle threats!

"Jrue won't play here! Or there!" super(?)agent Dan Fegan'll say,

But that tone may change, come 6 o'clock Thursday.

See, draft day is erratic, this - you already know,

Still, always, it's always an incredible show!

Joakim Noah's suit, Randy Foye's many hats,

Getting the buzz from the 4-letter's own Andy Katz!

Where will B-Jennings finally get drafted,

Was going overseas the reason he's shafted?

Who is Jonas Jerebko, where is he from?

Pronouncing his name has made my tongue numb!

Blake will go first, I believe this is fact,

Who's next, however, is why my brain's being wracked:

Hasheem "The Dream", the big straight of ol' UConn,

Ricky Rubio, whose hype makes me get my puke on?

Maybe it's Evans, or Flynn, or the glutton of guards,

It won't be J-Hodge, who once got punched in the nards!

James Harden looks good and solid, but won't be a star,

Will his intangibles be able to take him real far?

Jordan Hill is tall - height's always a hot commodity,

But so was young Kurrgan, and he ended up an Oddity!

DeMar DeRozan has Ridiculous Upside I suppose,

But the true test will be later to see how that upside GROWS.

Stephen Curry is a stud, well, at least he was in college,

But what's he bring to the NBA?  More than his basketball knowledge?

B.J. Mullens, Ty Hansbrough and Austin Daye are all white,

Which will be called the biggest bust of the night? 

Gerald Henderson's from Duke, his real name's Jerome,

Will he be carrying the dreaded 'Dookie's suck in the NBA' syndrome?

DeJuan Blair is round and talented, though his knees seem feeble and weak,

Plus I hated him in college, though not more than 80's wrassler Iron Sheik!

Maynor, Collison, Douglas and Mills, the 2nd tier seems damned,

Still, they're good! pick 'em high - stay free from being scammed.

All in all, the night'll be exciting, with more drama than possible on TNT,

So come right here to Ridiculous Upside, and enjoy it live with me!

We'll be restless in the comments, spewing love and hate galore,

But still, just like the D-League OSLB's, you'll be begging for more!

Let's have fun, and celebrate together this joyous occasion,

Be loud, be proud, and let us all support the glorious SB Nation!