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SBNation NBA Mock Draft, Pick #28: Minnesota Timberwolves

Well, we couldn't get a pick from CanisHoopus... so we made one up.. -- Scott

With the 28th pick in the 2009 SBN Mock Draft, The Minnesota Timberwolves select.... (Drum Roll Please)

JONAS JEREBKO.....uhhhh who?  Yeah that's right, the Wolves are taking Jonas Jerebko, little known Swedish forward who sounds like he's from Croatia!

There are several reasons the Timberwolves need a guy like Jonas.  1.) He's from Sweden, and therefore unlike 99% of NBA players, he won't complain about the weather in Minnesota or try to flee to Miami after three season.  2.) He looks and sounds like he should be a Jonas Brother.  3.) says he's pretty good, and if you have a chance to trust that Jon Givony guy on a draft pick, you do it.

Jonas-brothers-camp-rock-premiere1_medium    Sport-30s99-plannja_264803w_medium

Long lost brothers? Jonas Jerebko is gonna bring the noise and the funk to the T-Wolves

Find out more about Jonas Jerebko after the Jump! says this about him:

Offensively, he looked solid knocking down shots with his feet set, but still isn’t much of a threat on this end of the court, as his skill-level remains average at best. He lacks aggressiveness on this end of the floor, not showing much confidence in his ball-handling skills, and passing up opportunities to attack his matchup, which helps explain why he almost never gets to the free throw line.

Defensively, Jerebko knows how to use his terrific size, length and activity level to his advantage, and didn’t seem to have much of a problem staying in front of a very aggressive 6-4 shooting guard in David Hawkins, one of the best scorers in the Italian league. His potential on this end of the floor is considerable

 Also From ESPN's Chad Ford:


  • Great size and length for position
  • Good athlete
  • Tough, physical player
  • Scrappy offensive player
  • Good motor
  • Good slasher
  • Can defend both threes and fours
  • Good basketball IQ
  • Negatives:

  • Inconsistent shooter with limited three point range
  • Late bloomer
  • Still needs more development
  •  Okay, so that's what Jonas has to offer to the T-wolves from a playing perspective, assuming he even makes it stateside this coming season (doubtful) or ever makes it to Minnesota (also doubtful).  But I think this pick really boils down to one thing and one thing only: He's swedish and his name is Jonas.

    So hello Jonas from Sweden, hope to see you soon, Love,

    The Timberwolves