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(2009 NBA Draft) Hangover; Pop Quiz!

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Alright, we're dealing with a literal draft hangover today.  In lieu of my analysis (all of the other sites have beat me to this), check out the individual SBNBA blogs!  They're fun, exciting and informative! 

While you're here though, let us take a pop quiz!

1. What the hell happened to DeJuan Blair?  Didn't scout know he didn't have knees when he was a lottery projection in March?

2. Will Ricky Rubio play in the NBA this season?  Will he play for the Timberwolves?

3. Biggest happening yesterday?

4.  Favorite name in the second round: Nando, Chinemelu or Henk?

5.  Highest pick that will play in the D-League this season?

6.  David Kahn - what's his deal?

7.  Are you happy Darko was once again freed?

8.  Was Donnie Walsh drafting for his new D-League team?

9.  How disgusting is that OKC traded for BJ Mullens?

10.  The Spurs - Geek to chic?