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2009 Orlando Pro Summer League - What To Look For?

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Over the past week, we've been looking at various Summer League rosters, and with my Orlando posting, we've now previewed all six Orlando Summer League rosters.  The six teams participating are OrlandoIndianaOklahoma CityUtah, Boston and a combined Philadelphia/New Jersey team (previews are linked).

Originally I had planned on being in Orlando before making the trek to Vegas for the bigger Summer League, but due to some extenuating circumstances (cash money), I'll be following as closely as I can online, watching Dakota Wizards players Richard Hendrix, Blake Ahearn and Kevin Lyde do work (see how they mesh?).  I'm probably better off, anyway, as Dante & Galante are able to keep things exciting.

Anyway, since I'm sure the majority of our readers are looking for reasons to watch these games (they're all "futurecasted" online at, I'll give you today's what to look for:

First game is at 3 p.m. Orlando time, 2 p.m. my time and probably different your time.  Hopefully you live in Portland and can take your lunch break to watch this exciting game between the Philadersey Sevenets and the Indiana Pacers.  Philadersey is a summer league all-star team, essentially, so that's why you should watch them.  Indiana has the potential to start Tyler Hansbrough AND Josh McRoberts, so they're obviously the foils in this story.   For some reason, I'm looking forward to Terrence Williams vs. Derrick Byars.  The potential of Dionte Christmas and Blake Ahearn on the floor at the same time for the same team is also worthy of excitement.

Shortly after that game ends, Orlando and OKC will matchup.  OKC is essentially playing every player they have in the Summer League, so they're probably the favorites.  Orlando has a team of former D-Leaguer's, undersized guards, and a couple of Euro-bigs I have no idea about, so they should be a fun team to watch, I guess.  Orlando has some of the best players from the D-League last season (Lance Allred, Rich Hendrix, Kasib Powell and Ron Dupree).  I'll be watching to see what OKC does with their backcourt.  In theory, they could start some combination of Shaun Livingston, Russell Westbrook and James Harden - all of which can play two positions in Summer League ball.

The last game of the day will feature the Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz, the two affiliates of the Utah Flash last season (yay, D-League).  Boston has a relatively strong team, I think.  The Celtics only have two bigs on their roster, and one is Michael Sweetney.  I sincerely hope he doesn't get a breather, as then we can hear Dante & Galante break out some fat jokes I can incorporate in self-deprecating jokes.  This just in - Boston also has Nick Fazekas.  I sincerely cannot wait for a Robert Swift-Nick Fazekas most akward high-five ever.  According to CelticsBlog, JR Giddens and Billy Walker are competing against eachother for a roster spot, along with Gabe Pruitt vs. Lester Hudson, so there's that.  As for Utah, their Summer League team, much like their NBA team, isn't really appealing.  Let's cheer for former Dakota Wizard and 2006-07 D-League Champion Kevin Lyde to finally make it after his 43rd attempt at a Jazz roster spot during Summer League (He's been SO close like four straight times.)

Also, feel free to use this as an open source live blog for today's festivities!