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Summer League Rosters - Boston Celtics

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Our look at the Summer League rosters moves on to the Boston Celtics.  They seem to be focusing on point guards, big men and three-point shooters, and they have some...interesting invitees.

NBA Players: J.R. Giddens, Bill Walker, Gabe Pruitt, Lester Hudson
Giddens does a good job of getting inside and scoring, but his outside shot needs work and he's not very good defensively.  I remember Walker getting some time towards the end of last season as Boston's injuries mounted, and he was all kinds of not good (though he was playing out of position a lot).  Pruitt I don't know much about, but they don't seem very high on him over at Celtics Blog, and they would know.

D-Leaguers: none

Undrafted College Players: Bryan Mullins, Kevin Rogers
Mullins is a point guard, which they need, but it's doubtful he's what they need.  Rogers is athletic but had relatively disappointing junior and senior seasons at Baylor compared to his sophomore year.

Others: Mike Sweetney, Robert Swift, Coby Karl, Darius Washington, Chris Lofton, Bryce Taylor
The first three names are those that jump out the most.  Sweetney is trying to work his way back into the league after eating his way out of it, but his rebound rate was always between respectable and good.  Swift was an intriguing prospect at one point, and Ainge has apparently kept an eye on him for awhile.  Karl spent time in the D-League and in Spain in addition to being with the Lakers.  He's mostly known for being coach George Karl's son, but maybe Boston's bringing him in to feed them Lakers secrets the way he repeatedly did for his father's team.  Washington is a former Memphis point guard who went undrafted and played in Greece, the Czech Republic, Russa, and the D-League.  He got called up by San Antonio but never played. He's now a Macedonian citizen.  Lofton and Taylor are both known as good three-point shooters, but Taylor's defense is also pretty good.