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Friday Bullets, Now More Than Ever

The "Now More than Ever" part of the headline doesn't really mean anything, I just like saying it.  Anyway, the combination of this being the offseason, the time I spent working on the local tryout player posts, both Aisander and Scott have been incommunicado and the fact that I've recently started studying for the GRE means I couldn't come up with much for today.  So instead, enjoy these interesting things that other people wrote.

  • For starters, 48 Minutes of Hell has a great interview with the Spurs' Marcus Williams, who was originally cut by San Antonio and spent the last two years in Austin, where he transformed himself into a (pretty good) point guard and earned another Spurs contract.  Williams has a lot of positive things to say about the D-League, the Toros and coach Quin Snyder.
  • Remember when we said Rob Kurz would be joining the Cleveland Cavaliers?  Well, maybe not.  According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer he's thinking of going to training camp with the Nuggets instead.  That actually isn't a bad idea, as the 6'9" three-point shooter could fill some of the void left by Linas Kleiza.  The Cavs also have been signing forwards left and right this offseason, so Kurz likely would've been a longshot to make their roster.
  • RU pal Mark at Sham Sports did yeoman's work in tracking down the current status of every player from Summer League.  It comes in three parts: One, two, three.
  • By now, of course, you've heard that the NBA is threatening to use replacement refs this season, including referees from the WNBA and the D-League.  Two questions: what happens to the D-League and WNBA if their refs are working NBA games?  And also, David Stern knows that having Marat Kogut work NBA games strengthens the referees' bargaining position, right?
  • The final game of the NBA Asia Challenge is today in the Philippines, and Russell Robinson, Lanny Smith and Derrick Dial all talked to the D-League site about the experience.