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Help Name the New Frisco Team

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<a href="">Beautiful Downtown Frisco</a>
Beautiful Downtown Frisco

So according to the D-League site, the owners of the league's Frisco franchise (that would be Donnie Nelson and Evan Wyly) are asking fans to submit suggestions for a team name. I have no idea how long this process will be open, but the team won't start playing for another year. I thought that we here at Ridiculous Upside could be of some assistance, so I did a little (emphasis on little) research and came up with some ideas, which I've presented below. They range from the serious to the well, RU-ish. Vote for your favorite, and if I like it then I may submit it.

What/where exactly is Frisco, you ask? Well, it's a northern suburb of Dallas, north of Plano, and has grown into a bedroom community for that city. Frisco was originally founded as a train stop along the St. Louis-San Francisco rail line that was being built at the turn of the 20th century. The city is home to several other sports teams, including the Thunder (indoor football), the RoughRiders (AA baseball), the Texas Tornado (junior hockey) and FC Dallas (Major League Soccer), so all of those names are out. We also can't call the team the Fresh, both because it's taken and because it's awful. The team itself will be sharing an arena with the hockey and indoor football teams. Let's get to naming!

One obvious avenue is the train line that birthed the town. Unfortunately, the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway also goes by the name "the Frisco", and we can't very well have the Frisco Frisco, now can we? The Texas Special was an old passenger line that went from St. Louis to San Antonio with stops in Dallas and Fort Worth, so that would be a nice nod to the area's history, and I'm told (by Wikipedia) that the Texas Special is a popular model train, uh model. Of course, that's as dumb or worse than the Fresh, but the only other train-related option I can come up with at the moment is the Frisco Locomotives.

Hit the jump for more team name options.

Because Frisco is a suburb of Dallas, and because the team will be an affiliate of the Mavericks (though the extent is unclear at this point), we should probably try to tie that in somehow. Let's see...suburbs have malls, right? Frisco just got an IKEA about four years ago, but unfortunately unless they pay the team that's not going to fly as a name. But they could go with the Frisco Lukkjir, which I just made up but with probably refers to some kind of wooden TV tray.

The city is holding a "Salute to America" Mother/Son Dance in October, which means, of course, that they could be called the Frisco Motherboys.

The Frisco team, of course, used to be the Colorado 14ers, who were so named because of the many Colorado mountains that exceeded 14,000 feet. There aren't any mountains like that around Frisco, of course, but one thing I noticed while looking at Google Maps is that there are a lot of golf courses around Frisco. Eagles are good in golf, right? So how about the Frisco Eagles? I'd also suggest the Frisco Caddies as a reference both to the golfing and Frisco's status as a bedroom community for a larger city, but I don't want to seem too condescending here. Maybe just the mascot

Frisco seems to be very proud of its public art, touting its sculpture garden as "the largest private collection of contemporary Texas sculpture ever assembled," which might be one of the most specific taglines I've ever heard. Sculpture itself can encompass a wide variety of forms and styles, but why not try to sum it up as the Frisco Mixed Media?

Finally, if I can get a hit you with a little political nerditry for a moment, one of the big issues from this year's session of the Texas State Legislature (which are held every other year and last 180 days) was the state's perceived need for an additional Tier I university. Tier I universities (as I understand it) have to provide certain types of course programs and such, and in exchange are eligible for federal research grants of varying types. Currently Texas has two, the University of Texas and Texas A&M. Of course, since just about every member of the legislature went to UT or A&M, there's not much personal incentive to dilute those schools' influence, and besides which their Tier I status is written into the state constitution, so adding another would require a constitutional amendment and a public vote. ANYWAY I bring all this up to mention that several of the North Texas representatives and senators tried to argue that their region deserved a Tier I school, since both UT and A&M are around the central part of the state. Well, they didn't get it. No one did. So to make it up to them, as a consolation prize, why not name the team the Texas Tier I's. A basketball team's as good as a university, right? They can even give the mascot a mortarboard and a microscope.

So what do you think? Are any of these team names good enough to submit to the owners? Cast your vote for your favorite, and if I like the outcome (I didn't say this was a democracy) I'll submit it as a sort-of unofficial official RU entry. Or, drop your own idea for a team name in the comments.