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Ridiculous Transactions 9/14-9/20

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<a href="">Erik Daniels</a> is the latest big D-League name to head overseas.
Erik Daniels is the latest big D-League name to head overseas.

This week's transactions mostly feature some interesting NBA signings sprinkled in with the usual overseas action.  Let's do this.

September 14: Nikoloz Tskitishvili - signed with PAOK Thessaloniki (Greece)

No, this isn't a suprise by any stretch, but a small part of me hoped that after Skita's decent Summer League performance, some enterprising NBA team would aat least invite him to camp.  Old impressions die hard, I know, but he's a good three-point shooter who can rebound a little.  You're telling me there's no room in Golden State for that kind of skill-set?  Or Cleveland?

September 18: Erik Daniels - signed with Azovmash Mariupol (Ukraine)

I know that we here at RU weren't always complimentary towards Daniels' game last season, but the fact is that he was playing out of position for most, if not all, of the year, and I would've been interested to see him try and work as a power forward rather than a center.  Of course, he managed to be a pretty inefficient scorer even from inside, but there I go being un-complimentary again

September 19: Orlando Magic - signed Morris Almond and Linton Johnson

I'm tempted to go with "see Marge, these guys get it" in regards to the Magic but I have strong doubts that either of these players will end up making the team.  Johnson is the guy least likely to, as if anyone has stockpiled more forwards than Cleveland it was Orlando.  I don't mean to be dismissive of my former Tulane chum (he doesn't know who I am), but what exactly are the Magic looking for with Johnson?  He most recently was attempting to make the Bulls roster by bulking up to guard power forwards, but Orlando already has Rashard Lewis, Brandon Bass and Ryan Anderson for that.  He's a more natural small forward, but he never contributed much and again, Orlando has like eight guys who can play that position (actual number: four).

Almond makes a little more sense, in that a few of Orlando's shooting guards are also those aforementioned small forwards, and they obviously can't play both positions at once.  Point guard is a much more pressing need for the team than shooting guard, though.  Still, Stan Van Gundy showed in last year's playoffs that his support for J.J. Redick only goes so far.  Some training camp competition for Redick can't hurt, though,and the Magic would have themselves a good three-point shooter and overall efficient scorer on their hands should Almond make it.  The more I think about it the more I think Almond would be a great fir for Orlando, but I remain skeptical.  It will probably take some measure of defensive prowess to unseat Redick, which isn't really what Almond's known for.  He's definitely an NBA-level scorer, though.

September 20: Mouhamed Saer Sene - signed with Hyeres-Toulon (France)

Sene has had a few NBA looks the last few years, the most recent coming with the Knicks,and it's unfortunate that no NBA team tried to bring him to training camp, as he's an excellent shot-blocker and a pretty good rebounder, both things that tend to come in handy.  His game seems almost tailor-made for the Nuggets, though they're already bringing in Kurt Looby so I can't be too mad at them.  Is it alright for me to still be annoyed with the Rockets?