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Reggie Williams On His Supposed Faults

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Left-handed Reggie Williams taking it to the rack.
Photo Credit: Dave Eggen/NBAE/Getty Images
Left-handed Reggie Williams taking it to the rack. Photo Credit: Dave Eggen/NBAE/Getty Images

"Yeah, my shot has gotten better," [Sioux Falls wingman] Reggie Williams said. "My 3-point shooting was terrible in France. Still, it wasn't as bad of a year as people make it out to be. I averaged like 13 points and five rebounds, which is not bad for any rookie anywhere. It was just the reputation I had made it seem like I had a terrible year because I didn't average 25 points or whatnot."

"I feel like I'm making strides on defense, but at times I still feel like it's an unfair rap," Williams said. "People always are still trying to find things ... like, 'oh, he's not athletic enough or he doesn't jump high enough.' But I tested my vertical and I've got like a 38-inch vertical. I don't get where these types of assumptions are coming from. I've been dealing with that since college."

"The feedback so far is we know he can score and now we want to see him play defense," Williams said. "So now when I go out and play, I exert a lot of energy on the defensive end to try and suffocate some of those accusations about my defensive effort. It's one of those things I'm kinda dealing with to get to the next level, and that's what they're saying, you know, the area I've got to do the best in.

"But defense on this level is more than just one-on-one defenses ... a lot of help-side defense, a lot of defensive principals that we weren't really taught at VMI because we ran up and down. It's kinda like I had to learn defense."

Those are just a couple of the great quotes from Reggie Williams in this American Chronicle piece.

Like most D-League players (save for JamesOn Curry with the Clippers), it seems that the NBA is just trying to find excuses for not calling some of these guys up.  Next they're probably going to tell him he needs to be right handed.

Also, for the record, I was the first to jump on the Reggie Williams Deserves a Call-Up bandwagon.