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Will Conroy To Be Called Up by the Houston Rockets!

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It was pretty clear that the Houston Rockets were keeping an eye on point guard Will Conroy.  First, they put him on their Summer League team.  Then they brought him in for the preseason.  Then their D-League affiliate the Rio Grande Valley Vipers traded for him, sending talented center Kurt Looby to the Albuquerque Thunderbirds.  So it probably was just a matter of time before they put him on the NBA roster.

Most of what I have to say about Conroy was expressed in last May's profile (remember when we did those?), but to update it for this season, his scoring has gone down a little bit but so have his turnovers (way down in the latter case), and he's currently second in the league in assists both per-game and per-minute.  He's also posting the second-best field goal and three-point shooting percentages and the best free-throw shooting percentage of his career.  Please ignore the fact that he wasn't on the most recent call-up rankings.

There have been some questions about his attitude in the past, but he also was named the D-League's Sportsman of the Year last season in addition to being named First Team All D-League.  He knows how to run an offense, and more importantly, he knows how to run Houston's offense.  The Rockets have been active with their affiliate so far this season, assigning Joey Dorsey and calling up Mike Harris earlier this year.  Second round pick Jermaine Taylor is likely to see an assignment at some point as well.

See Clippers?  Using the D-League doesn't have to be so hard.