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NBA Preseason And How It Relates To The D-League, AKA What Happened This Weekend?

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Sorry I've been a bit lax on the updates recently, regular readers (do I still have regular readers?), but I've recently been spending my weekends GTLing, playing NBA 2k11, working on my cardio, creeping, watching the Green Bay Packers be the best worst team in the NFL and preparing to spend every waking second - including the weekends - following all of the players thisclose to being in the NBA starting in just a couple of weeks.

Anyway, because I didn't have any updates this weekend, I was able to catch up last night and therefore am ready to share with everyone some lovely links from around the internet.

  • First, from Ben Golliver over at Blazersedge, former Tulsa 66er Steven Hill has received a training camp invite from the Portland Trail Blazers.  The Blazers (fans) have loved Hill since chanting "We want Hill" during the 2008 Vegas Summer League, but he's really not been able to do much with his professional career aside from pick up a ton of "DNP-injured"s during the past couple of seasons in the D-League (he played 74 minutes in 10 games with the 66ers last year, averaging 1.1 points, 1.9 rebounds and 0.8 blocks). I have no idea why they wouldn't have looked to Chris Hunter or Earl Barron to fill the injured Jeff Pendergraph's spot.