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Rasheed Wallace Is Still Friends With Darvin Ham

Remember the 2003-04 Detroit Pistons championship team? You know, the one that starred such luminary players as Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace and Darvin Ham (among others)?

Well, I'm not sure if that entire team is still friends with each other (I can't imagine Darko Milicic has sent a text to former teammate Tremaine Fowlkes recently), but thanks to the recent New Mexico Thunderbirds local player tryout I am able to confirm that Thunderbirds head coach Darvin Ham is still friends with fellow frontcourt teammate Rasheed Wallace.

"I told him to come on out and feel free to come out and help us out," Ham said of inviting his former teammate to his local player tryout. "He's like, 'yeah, I'm gonna come in and check y'all out but I'm not gonna do too much."

Well, it turns that he did show up - and apparently was the loudest voice in the gym. It's all good, though, because Ham says he calls him "his brother from another mother."

I hope this is the first step into Sheed becoming a coach because that would be really, really entertaining.  

Note: Add an extra 'really' to that last sentence if Wallace is unaware of the new technical foul rules.