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Donnie Nelson, A Pimp And Moussa Seck: A Halloween Story

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Okay, so I don't actually have a Halloween story to tell you all but I figured a picture is worth 1,000 words (and normally my stories don't even equal 1,000 words so I guess we should be covered, eh?).

The above picture is of Dallas Mavericks President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Donnie Nelson, a man dressed as a pimp wealthy American businessman and a cardboard cutout of Moussa Seck that was posted on the NBA Development League's Texas Legends Facebook page.

Without all of the new technology in our lives, I never would have been able to see the gloriousness that is the picture above.  See, even with simple technology like Facebook, it's enhanced my ability to throw out Friday afternoon posts that do nothing but entertain (myself).  Imagine what might happen when the NBA decides to use the D-League as a league to experiment with new technology instead of new balls.

Wait! Actually, I might have a story.

Seck, a 7-foot-4 center out of Senegal, has played for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Summer League the past two seasons even though I haven't been able to find anything about him playing any professional basketball otherwise.  In fact, according to his Eurobasket profile (subscription only), Seck "was discovered by a basketball scout in 2006, on the dusty streets of Kaolack, Senegal, a city 150 kilometers (93 miles) east of the capital Dakar. He was probably the world's tallest cosmetics street vendor at 7-4."

Interesting story, huh?

Even more interesting, perhaps, is that the Texas Legends don't even have the rights to Seck (though apparently they do have the rights to his likeness since they've got him dressed in Legends' gear above).  See, since the Dallas Mavericks didn't bring him into training camp and he isn't a returning player, the Legends will have to use a draft pick on him in order to actually have him play for the team.

Since the Legends already have former first round pick Sean Williams and D-League expansion draft pick Keith Clark in their frontcourt, I'm unsure how early of a pick they'd use to select Seck, but it will be interesting if another team is able to get something extra out of the Legends by threatening to draft the raw 7-foot-4 prospect.