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Steve Francis Is In Trouble For Giving Chinese Fans The Middle Finger

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Recently, I discovered former NBAer Steve Francis is over in China, making $800,000 plus benefits and playing in games with ice packs on his ankle.

That, I figured, would be the end of Ridiculous Upside's reporting on what Stevie Franchise is up to nowadays - at least unless he decided he wants to give the NBA another shot and decides to sign with the D-League.

Not so fast, my friends.

According to the Chinese media, Mr. Francis has been issued a "serious warning" from the league after he appeared on camera with an "erect middle finger" behind fellow former NBAer Randolph Morris.

I am for education, warning others, according to "Chinese Basketball League disciplinary penalties" to the twenty-five, to give a serious warning of the penalties for Francis, instructed the Beijing Shougang Basketball criticize and education.

Before the start of the league, we require all foreign players in the league must conscientiously study and implement "Chinese Basketball League disciplinary penalties", submitted to ensure compliance with the provisions of the league on a written discipline and commitment to participate in the competition before, I hope the club should take this as a warning, strengthen education and management of foreign aid, to prevent the recurrence of a similar phenomenon.

That's always via Google Translate, but I like the fact that Francis is considered "foreign aid" and that flipping people off again would be a "similar phenomenon." 

As always when it comes to Chinese Basketball, H/T to NiuBBall.