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Texas Legends Win Their Home Opener, Other Things Happen Around The D-League

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Joe Alexander played better than he looked last night in the D-League.
Joe Alexander played better than he looked last night in the D-League.

There has been a lot that's happened over the past couple days, most importantly that I'm battling some form of a flu/cold that's probably life-threatening a lot of random D-League news that I haven't been able to keep up-to-date over here because I never was able to find a full-time contributor (miss you, Jon L!).

(Also, if anyone would want to devote daily-ish posts, start using the Fanposts as I instructed last month. A small, small, really small amount of money might even be available if you're committed.)

So, here I am on this lovely Wednesday morning to update you on the going-ons around the NBA Development League (except I wrote this last night before the Utah Flash-Bakersfield Jam game was completed so there won't be any updates on that).

First and foremost, the Texas Legends rang up an insane 84 points in the first half on their way to a 135-112 victory over the Austin Toros led by their seven six former first round NBA picks (I crossed out seven because of the nonsense that is the Rodrigue Beaubois assignment). Honestly, everyone looked for the Legends (even the mysterious Moussa Seck)

Most impressive though, was probably Dominique Jones, who is on assignment from the Dallas Mavericks. The defense was lax in the first half, true, but he was able to manufacture his shot when needed as well on his way to 25 points on 14 shots.  Others that stoodout were Joe Alexander with 24 points and 11 boards, Rashad McCants with 20 points on 10 attempts and Justin Dentmon who needed just eight shots for his 19 points while running the point during most of his time on the court.

As far as the Toros go, I thought they missed Squeaky Johnson - recently released due to injury - quite a bit and didn't really seem to have a leader on the floor.  The only player that stood out to me prior to garbage time for Austin was Lance was former Duke player Lance Thomas.  In 25 minutes, Thomas had 21 points, four boards and a steal.

Continue reading for other random D-League news (read: links to things I wrote at FanHouse)!

Daniel Orton will soon be arriving to play for the New Mexico Thunderbirds via the Orlando Magic, becoming the fourth first round pick from this season to be assigned to the D-League.  I'm really surprised that the Magic will be using the D-League after pretty explicitly saying that they wouldn't earlier in the year.

Hassan Whiteside and Dominique Jones were both also assigned to the D-League this week.  Whiteside will join the Reno Bighorns while Jones played his first game tonight for the Texas Legends.

Regarding non-NBA news, there was a three-team, four-player trade. Basically, Utah traded Carlos Wheeler to Idaho who traded Walter Sharpe to Dakota who traded a second round pick to Utah who traded Dontell Jefferson to Idaho. Go read about it over at FanHouse if you thought that was confusing.