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D-League Call-Up Candidates Emerge With 10-Day Contracts Now A Possibility

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Could Joe Alexander soon return to the NBA as a power forward?
Could Joe Alexander soon return to the NBA as a power forward?

I know Ridiculous Upside's been a bit dead this week, but that's only because D-League happenings have been a bit on the slow side (and I got lazy and didn't write about the Iowa Energy-Dakota Wizards game on Monday night like I had originally planned).

That said, this week is kind of important in terms of D-League players getting to the NBA because today marks the first day that players can sign 10-day contracts (essentially making or breaking top flight players' decisions to play in America in lieu of bigger overseas offers).

Knowing all of this, I polled a group of people in the know to get a handy list of players that have seemingly done what it takes thus far in the D-League to earn at least a 10-day contract with an NBA team - and then wrote it up over at FanHouse.

Listing two players at each position, the following candidates emerged: Bakersfield's Trey Johnson, Iowa's Kyle Weaver, Othyus Jeffers and Courtney Sims, Reno's Aaron Miles, RGV's Jeff Adrien, Texas's Joe Alexander and Sean Williams, Tulsa's Zabian Dowdell and Utah's Orien Greene.

So go read what the scouts have to say and then come back and vote on who you think might be the first player to be called-up from the D-League this season!