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Rashad McCants, Former NBA and D-League Player, Is Now An Actor. A Bad Actor.

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Rashad McCants was supposed to use his time in the D-League to re-launch a once-promising NBA career.

After holding out to begin the season and then appearing in just three games for the Texas Legends before leaving the team in anticipation of a deal in China that never actually happened, however, his basketball career is kind of a really huge freaking mess.

No worries, though, because -- as you can see above -- his acting career is definitely going to make him rich.

From Stiletto Jill:

Instead Rashad decided to switch careers to Hollywood and film his acting debut. And WOW at his selection. Starring in a web series titled "Booster Club", Rashad plays the Bisexual leader of a high end shoplifting ring, the series also stars former porn star Traci Lords. Check the Trailer:

This is AWFUL. Rashad also serves as an executive producer on the project. Basketball, rapping and now this... I'm going to request that he find quality material and higher production value if he wants to be taken seriously.

Wait, maybe this is a comedy.

It doesn't really look like a comedy. Or good. Or safe for for work. Or something I'd cancel my Jersey Shore series recording to watch instead.