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Rashad McCants, Hobbyist Baller, Is Still Pretty Good At Basketball

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Rashad McCants, thank you for finally giving me a reason to write about what you did on the court (even though I find your off-court antics more than amusing).

McCants, a former standout at North Carolina who then became a lottery pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves before eventually being traded to the Sacramento Kings and sitting out all of last season, hasn't been in the (Ridiculous Upside) headlines for his basketball acumen since this season started. In fact, the last time I wrote about him, it was because he'd announced that ballin' was just his hobby with a well-produced music video.

After watching last night's game between McCants' Texas Legends and the visiting Springfield Armor, I'm here to confirm that McCants still has what it takes to excel at that hobby.

In 22 minutes off the bench, McCants made 10 of his 13 field goal attempts on his way to 22 points to go with six assists in a dominating 132-112 win over JamesOn Curry, Scottie Reynolds, Craig Brackins and company. I've included highlights, in which McCants is prominently featured, after the jump.

Keep in mind, there's a reason that the Springfield Armor are 13-35, but that performance is quite impressive considering  McCants was averaging nine points on 42 percent shooting during his four other games this month.