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Scottie Reynolds Got In A Fight With Connor Atchley, Wrestlemania Style, To End D-League Season

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Scottie Reynolds has gone from being a McDonald's High School All-American in 2006 to being an AP All-American for Villanova in 2010 to deciding to fight Connor Atchley while playing in the D-League in 2011.

My guess is that they were just really excited for Wrestlemania tonight. Me too, guys, me too.

David Hinojosa, the best D-League beat writer south of South Dakota, has the details. Hinojosa wrote in his recap that leading up to the fisticuffs, "Reynolds knocked Atchley in the face with his forearm in a play where no foul was called. Several minutes later, Atchley set a hard pick on Reynolds and was called for a foul. Then, the altercation happened a few minutes later."

The "altercation," which Voice of the Vipers' Alex Del Barrio termed a "tussle," ended with Reynolds shouting at Vipers head coach Chris Finch "Get off me! I ain't your guy, dawg!" as injured Armor center Chas McFarland held him back.

With Springfield being eliminated from the playoffs since January, this fight will only really affect the Vipers side of things -- specifically Atchley, coach Chris Finch and Terrel Harris. Finch was ejected for "instigating" while Harris was ejected for leaving the bench. If Finch is suspended, which is possible, it would be the second time this season.

Video of the fight is included after the jump!


"I thought the game got out of hand earlier with a bunch of cheap shots. That's what happens. The curious part is that a lot of those cheap shots came in open play and everyone saw it. (The officials) chose to let the players play on. You can't do that," Finch told Hinojosa. "The decision (to eject Finch was) made because they said I escalated it, and that couldn't be further from the truth. I pulled Reynolds off of Atchley. No one else would pull them off. The referees ran away from the situation. Then, it was a matter of getting them separated in a pile. I don't know how they feel that's escalating. Coaches are allowed to get on the court to break it up and that's what I did."

As far as basketball is concerned, Reynolds finished his first season in the NBA Development League by scoring 16 points, swiping five steals and adding four assists as his Springfield Armor lost 122-103 to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers in this game to finish the season with a 13-37 record. He averaged 13.1 points, 5.9 assists and 2.6 turnovers while shooting 44 percent from the field on the season.

The other participant in the tussle, Mr. Atchley, scored 18 points and grabbed seven rebounds including 4-of-5 from beyond the arc (because, judging by the highlight package, the Armor didn't feel like defending him).