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Talor Battle Taking His Talents From Penn State To The Euroleague

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While plenty of NBA players are rumored to be interested in taking their talents to Europe during the NBA lockout, it's become the undrafted free agents actually following through with this plan. The latest, as the title should have led my lovely readers to believe, is Penn State scorer Talor Battle joining Cholet for Euroleague competition next season.

For those unfamiliar with Battle, apparently you haven't watched a lot of the Nittany Lions for the past few seasons. Battle was the face of the team and a four-year starter, culminating during his senior season when the six-foot guard averaged 20.2 points while playing nearly every minute of every game.

Battle shouldn't have too many adjustment issues playing in France with Cholet next season as the team has already added a few former solid American imports with Derrick Byars, Robert Dozier and Robert Hite -- all of which were either selected in the NBA Draft or have played in the world's best basketball league at some point of their career.

I would lament about what this is doing to the NBA training camp crop as well as the NBA D-League rosters for the upcoming season, but it seems worrying about anything NBA is probably not worth it after Monday's meetings.